Reduce cleaning time by up to 50%
Improve product flow up to 10%

With less time spent cleaning, you can quickly return to full operation.

Welcome to RSS Surface Technology - Your Partner in Coating Solutions for Food-Producing Companies

At RSS Surface Technology, we specialize in applying high-quality coatings to machinery in the production environments of food-producing companies. Our innovative solutions reduce the adhesion of contaminants, providing a wide range of benefits for your business processes.

The Benefits:

  • Faster cleaning: Our coatings reduce the adhesion of dirt and contaminants, significantly speeding up cleaning processes. This results in more efficient use of your time and resources.
  • Less food waste: The reduced adhesion of contaminants on your machines decreases the risk of product contamination. This helps to reduce food waste and maintain high product quality.
  • Better product flow: Our coatings ensure smooth and consistent product flow, which is essential for efficient production. You can count on improved performance and a streamlined production process.
  • Better audit scores: With our advanced coating solutions, you meet the highest standards for hygiene and product quality. This results in better audit scores and strengthens customer confidence.
  • Reduced water usage: Due to the reduced adhesion of dirt and contaminants, less water is needed for the cleaning process. This contributes to sustainable water management and reduces your ecological footprint.
  • Reduced condensation on ceilings: Our coatings help to reduce condensation on ceilings, which is crucial in environments where moisture control is essential. This contributes to a healthier and safer production environment.
  • Replacement of (old) Teflon coating: Teflon coatings fall under PFAS, which is harmful to humans and nature. PFAS is increasingly under scrutiny, and the EU is progressively banning all PFAS-containing products. Our coatings are 100% PFAS-free. We can remove the old Teflon coating and apply our coating in its place.

At RSS Surface Technology, we aim to optimize your production environment by providing advanced coating solutions. Contact us today to discover how our expertise can transform your business and enhance the efficiency of your processes.

Our benefits

59% less food waste
50% reduction in cleaning time
Improves your production process
100% food safe
100% PFAS-free
Adheres to plastic and stainless steel
Also suitable for ceilings (anti-fog)
Heat resistant (600 ºC)

Reduce food waste
by as much as 59%

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Johma Salads
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